What is web hosting and how is it

web hosting – So guys, today I am going to tell you what web hosting is and how it is
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After all, what is web hosting – web hosting is an online place to keep your website file in the Internet world in which the website administrator keeps all the files of his blog or website in it,

web hosting web server
web hosting web server

That is, when we create our website on the internet, we need a domain and web hosting, Domain which is your business name and web hosting is the place of file in online server of internet,

In simple terms, web hosting means hosting your web website to publish it to the public by putting {host} in the server.

You can also prepare server web hosting for your website in your home, but you may face a lot of difficulties to do all this,

You will need an expensive computer which should always be on for 24 hours, and you will need 24 hours of electricity so that your computer is always on. If your computer is always on, then your website will also always be live on the Internet.

If your light goes off for a moment then your computer will shut down due to which the server of your website will go down, that is, your website will be shut down due to which your visitors who visit to throw in you get fed up with your website. Would not like to come to the website.

Big companies sell this web hosting only because of which they have 24 hours of power connected computers with lots of RAM and ROM, due to which the company’s server is always on, that is why When you publish your website, our website will always be on there, which visitors can visit our website 24 hours and enjoy reading the content of our website.

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Now you must have got a piece of definite information about web hosting, or the information has been told by myself. If there is something wrong with this information, then please tell me by commenting and now let me know about how many types of web hosting are there. Gonna give

Kinds of Web hosting

You have got information about web hosting, now friends, you also need to know what are the types of web hosting.

By the way, there are many types of web hosting such as shared hosting, virtual private server, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting etc.

Let’s know about them one by one, what is this web hosting and how does it work and what are the advantages and disadvantages of these.

Shared Web hosting

Shared hosting means sharing a hosting, it consists of a server in which many websites use this share hosting simultaneously and it shares all the website hosting.

This web hosting is available at a cheap rate for everyone, you can buy this shared hosting for a price and publish your website in it.

Just as many students complete their studies by staying in a hostel, similarly shared hosting is a hostel and the student living in it, is the website admin who uses that shared hosting in equal parts.

This shared hosting provides the same features to everyone. In this, by linking thousands of websites together, you can publish your site to the public using its shared hosting server.

To pay for this shared hosting, you have to pay money, each website pays its own rent to the web hosting company, using this hosting also gives you some advantages and disadvantages which is as follows_ –

Benefits of shared web hosting

1 – This hosting is available to everyone at a low price chip rate
2 – This hosting is best for a new blogger to learn website
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Shared Web Hosting Disadvantages

1 – This hosting cannot handle high traffic because its name is shared hosting. It keeps sharing its hosting, if a lot of visitors suddenly come to your site then their speed slows down due to their loading on the server.

This is a good web hosting for new blogger because the new blogger has less traffic which makes web hosting easy to handle.

2 – If your website is also hosted in this hosting and suddenly your website becomes popular, then you should move to a good web hosting as soon as possible, otherwise if you stay in it then the speed of your website will be very slow.

Virtual Private Server Web Hosting

Virtual Private Server Web Hosting ie Vips Web Hosting This web hosting is better than shared hosting, their server is only for one person, who can publish their website by putting it in that server, without over-sharing the person.

Let us understand this from the same old hostel thing, in a hostel you are provided with a room in which only you live and keep your own, you cannot keep any person in it, that room is available only to you. is,

Just like in virtual private server web hosting, you are given a private server hosting which you use only to host your web site,

In this web server only you have the right, in this, no other person can publish their website, here the web server is slightly higher in price due to which new bloggers cannot use it,

If more visitors are coming to your site, then you can publish your website in this virtual private server posting.

Let’s get to know its Advantage and Disadvantage


1 – This website is very safe, it can not attack any type of malware
2 – Their performance is very good
3 – Hosting can handle a lot more traffic than shared hosting, due to which there is no reduction in its loading speed.

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1 – This hosting is more expensive than shared hosting, due to which new bloggers are not able to buy it.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated Web Hosting This web hosting is web hosting in which you are provided with a complete web server, that is, you are provided with a special place to keep your website’s file, video photos, etc.

Just like there is a house which is in your name only, in which only you live, no outsider can come and live, just like this is a web server,

This web server will be completely available only for you, in which you will be allowed to keep the files of your entire website in it, this web server is much faster than shared hosting and VPS web hosting.

Advantage Of Dedicated Web Server Benefits

Advantage of This Web Server

1 – This web hosting is the most secure
2 – It can handle multiple visitors simultaneously, ie it can handle multiple loads at once.
3 – Provides high performance

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Disadvantage loss

1 – This hosting is very expensive
2 – New blogger may face some difficulty in understanding this, and it will be very expensive for them.

Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud web hosting – These are web hosting in which many web servers join together and if you publish your website in it then you will get a lot of benefits.

In this, you do not have a web server, many web servers are provided just for you, it keeps all the files of your website duplicated in its entire web server, due to which it is very fast.

If any of these web servers goes down, then their various web servers always keep your website live, due to which the visitor to your website is never able to leave disappointedly,

Suppose you have been provided with a complete hostel in which every room in which the student resides is a web server and the hostel is a cloud web hosting that is owned by you only.

When you upload your file in this hosting, then that hosting copies that file in all the rooms of that hostel. If any rooms are damaged in any way, then they have different types of rooms copied to them. Due to the file, their file is saved.

And there is no loss of any kind in their website, this is how this web hosting works.

Advantage Of Cloud hosting

1 – The web server is not down, that is, there are very few chances of the web server being down.
2- Hi handles traffic easily, no matter how much traffic comes in it.

The disadvantage of Cloud hosting

1 – It does not give root access to the cloud hosting website, this is its disadvantage.
2 – They are a very costly expense.

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