SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate – Hello friends, I am going to inform you about the SSL certificate today, why every website needs an SSL certificate. And why is it necessary for us?

What is A SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate – When the data is transferred to the webserver in HTTP, it is not encrypted, if anyone wants it, it can be interrupted and can be changed to show some more information to the visitor,

But the same if the data transferred by HTTPS is completely safe, no one can see it in the webserver, it is in a fully encrypted format that reaches the visitor directly from the website.

No one can read it out in the middle because here it is completely secure, so here SSL certificate authenticates the ID of the website that it is the same website and there is no data tampering in between.

That is why an SSL certificate is used in every website that their website should be in an encrypted format and be completely safe.

Check SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate
SSL Certificate

As shown in the image, HTTPS which has a lock means that the small icon of the lock is visible to you. This means that this website is in a fully encrypted format.

No data can interfere in whatever data is being provided in this website, it is reaching the visitors through a completely secure and encrypted format.

If this website was not HTTPS but only HTTP then this website cannot be considered secure. Because its transferred data is not encrypted and can be easily seen by any hacker.

If you put your information on a website without an SSL certificate, then anyone can see it in between and can read and keep your information with them.

Especially when you put your bank details, ATM card, or any debit credit card in an encrypted side that is without SSL certificate then your details can be spread to everyone. So I recommend that you put your information on any website,

Then you see that it is locked in the website or not, that is safe or not, with some caution you can check the SSL certificate of each website.

SSL Certificate Free / Free SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate – Normally all hosting providers provide you with an SSL certificate for your website for free, if you have not got the SSL certificate or your certificate has expired then you have to renew that SSL certificate to use it again.

That is, by giving them some money, you get the SSL certificate again on your website, if you do not want to pay them and you want to get a free SSL certificate, then you will also get it, this certificate remains for some time only. is.

Meaning that you get free SSL certificate only for 3 months, 6 months, after the completion of their period, you have to create a new SSL certificate in their website to use it again for free,

You have to do this process continuously whenever the validity of your certificate is completed.
If you want to buy a good SSL certificate for the whole 1 year, then click on the link given below – Click here

And if you want to get an SSL certificate for free, then we are giving it below for them. I believe that you buy directly from the URL link given above for 1 year, which will be a very good deal for you.

To apply for a free SSL certificate go to this website – Click here

SSL Certificate Checker

SSL Certificate – If you do not understand from my word given above, how do you check or know SSL certificate? Then you can also use a website because nowadays different types of websites have been created for checking SSL certificate.

In this, you just have to open that website, then copy the URL of your website that you have to check and put it in the SSL certificate checking website, then click in the Go button that is checked there.

You will then be given the output as to whether or not the SSL certificate is included in this inserted website, if it has an SSL certificate, then it will be written completely secure, and if it is not there, then it will be written not secure. Will look

In this way you can check your website or someone else’s website.
Here is the link of the website, you can go there by clicking here, click here to go to the SSL Certificate website – Click here

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