What is Domain Name

Domain Name – We can also name the domain name of the website, which runs on the IP address on the Internet or on a computer. This IP address is difficult to remember, so it is connected to the domain and it is remembered by the domain name, so that the website can be easily So we use domain names

Every website that we search in the internet is usually linked to a unique IP address first. We cannot search any website with their IP address through a browser, because there are usually long and different types that we Have trouble remembering.


Domain Name DNS Domain Naming System is a name by which we know a unique website and we can visit it.

In simple words, the domain name is the name of your website, in which different visitors come to your website after knowing your domain name.

In simple words, if a person opens his shop, he names the shop according to his business name and promotes them so that a large number of audience customers can come and buy some goods from his shop so that the shopkeeper can make a profit. It happens

In the same way in the Internet world, the website is the man’s shop and the domain name is the name of the website which is connected to the shopkeeper’s business, which works in the area of the Internet so that the visitor will be able to see the domino through the browser. I search for his shop and reach his website

Domain Registration And Information

By the way, in the world of the Internet, various types of websites are created and deleted, which number in millions. We will tell you about a few selected domain names which are mostly used and they colour at the top in Google and various search engines.

TLD – Top Level Domain Name

This is a high-level domain, because of its high value, it ranks quickly in Google search engine and other search engines and gives more importance in ranking search engines so that they are easily ranked here and World wide search

.COM – Commercial Register Via BigRock
.ORG – Organization Register Via BigRock
.NET – Network Register Via BigRock
.GOV – Governmental Register Via BigRock
.NAME – Name Register Via Namecheap
.BIZ – Business Register Via Namecheap
.INFO – Information Register Via Namecheap
.EDU – Education Register Via Namecheap

ccTLD – Country Code Top Level Domains

Every country has a separate Domain Name Register, it is named after the country, which is based on the basis of the 2 letter ISO code of a country such as .au for Australia and .au for India.

.IN – INDIA Register Via Domain.com
.US – United States Register Via Domain.com
.BR – Brazil Register Via Domain.com
.RU – Russia Register Via Domain.com
.CN – China Register Via Domain.com
.PK – Pakistan Register Via Domain.com

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