Blogger Template – Installing the template in Blogger is very easy, we are going to tell you how you will install a new unique premium or a free theme on your blogger website.

Because you know that Blogger is a free website making website, in which you can create your website for free. This is a Google product with millions of people publishing their website.

This blogger does not provide us with a good customized theme for free, so we install good and premium themes in it to give a new look to our website, which increases the speed and performance of our website very much.

Here I am going to tell you how you will install your template meaning theme in Blogger.

This I will tell you two methods, the first one is just uploading your own theme’s XML file and in the second method, you have to install it via HTML code.

We will know both these methods, for that you will have to follow this step of mine in turn so that you can get information/understanding easily.

Downloading Blogger Template.

blogger template Step 1 – First of all, you will have to download your theme, That you want to install on your website, to download the theme, go to the download option on the website page and download it by clicking on the download there.

Now on your computer or mobile from which you are downloading, it will start downloading and the template in your downloaded file will be downloaded in zip format.

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Extracting zipped downloaded template file.

Blogger Extract here xml
Blogger Extract here XML

Step 2 – Then you extract the zip file that you have, meaning that you unzip it, then you will see a dot XML file in it, that is your premium theme file.

Logged in to your Blogger Dashboard.


Step 3 – Then you have to come to your blog and website, if you have already logged into your blogger dashboard, then you leave this Step otherwise you can log in to your blogger dashboard.

Access Theme Section

Step 4 – As soon as you are logged in to your blogger dashboard then you will see the website you have created, now you have to choose which website theme you want to change.


1 – In this image which is shown by a number arrow mark, from there you have to select your website in which you will install your theme.

2 – Then you have to click on the themed menu from the left menu sidebar.

3 – Then you will see the page showing the arrow mark shown in the third number on the right side.

Access Backup / Restore


After that, you will see a page like the above side image given here, from which you have to restore or backup the theme of your old website by going to the option with backup or restore.


1 – The first option will help you to backup your old theme, that is, if you click on it, then the template of your old website means that the theme will be downloaded to your computer or mobile in XML format.

2 – Or it is the same as the previous one, as soon as you click on it, then you will see the option to restore. In this, you can upload your theme directly

3 – Then if you click on this third one, it was your blogger’s, it will be like the old classic theme, in which there will be no customized.

4 – If you click here, all the HTML code of your website will open in which you can edit.


5 – This is your mobile website page setting. This means whether you want to keep the default mobile customized settings of Blogger in mobile or you want to show your premium theme’s mobile view in everyone’s mobile.

If you select it on mobile, then your website blogger’s defaulter will appear as mobile. And if you click and save it on the desktop, then you will see the mobile view of your theme.

Get ready to upload.

When you click on the pop-up button with the restore, you will get an option to upload your file.


select .xml file for uploading

As soon as you click on the upload option, your file space will open in which you will have to upload the XML file by selecting it,

There will be many files in your themed zip file like dot TXT, in this, you only have to select the XML file, then upload it,


Now as soon as you select after that your theme automatic will be installed in it, then you can customize it by going into the layout.

Another method is installing a blogger template using copy and paste

blogger template – If your themes are not being saved there or if you see some message here then you should adopt this method which I am providing you below, where you will keep your theme extracted from there, you will have to step Have to follow.

Here you just have to copy and paste another method is installing a blogger template using copy and paste

You have to open the template’s XML file in Notepad or in a text editor.

Copy all coding

Then you have to press Control+A and select all the open files, then by pressing Control +C you have to copy all the files which will be in the text.


Open HTML Editor on blogger
Then you go to edit HTML and open it
Paste coding on blogger HTML Editor.

Select all the files kept in it by pressing Control +A, and then pressing Control+V again, paste all the text files copied into it.

Then understanding the file here means paste will come, then you have to save your theme by clicking on the save button on the right side where the arrow is marked.

Happy you have successfully installed a new premium theme or free theme in your blogger website, now you can check your website by clicking it on the visited website. You can also view the design of your website through your URL.

So in this way, you must have learned how to install an out-of-premium or faded template on Blogger’s website.

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