How to buy a theme?

How to buy a theme? – Friends, if you are on this page, then you are trying to get information that after all, how can we buy any product from Gamrod which is a theme product online selling website,

So friends, do not worry, we are going to tell you to step by step how you can buy a theme template, it is very easy, just by clicking on the button Buy now you have to pay on the next page,

As soon as the payment is made, your theme is delivered to your given email address, then you can download it from there, you also get the option of downloading the option after payment.

So, I am going to tell you how you will buy a premium theme or template from this website or any website. You understand my step carefully, then proceed by filling your data at that place.

Go To Official Website Gumroad Or Another Provider

First of all, you have to go to the official website that is selling those website templates through your site, such as Themeforest, Gumroad, or any other original theme providing website that you have to open.

Then select the website template you want to buy or download for free and open it. Then you will get complete information about that template, when it has been created yes and when its new update has come recently.

You will see three types of buttons on this page, the first of which will be live preview, the second free download and the third will buy now. If you want to see a live preview, you can see the live preview of that template by clicking on that button.

And if you want to download it for free, then click on the Free button, it will start downloading as soon as you click, be aware that it will not be fast loading like a premium theme, nor will you have a footer credit from it. Can be removed.

Now the third button is going to buy the template in front of you, when you click on the Buy Now button written there, then a new page opens in front of you, which will remain like this.


In Premium Theme you get a lot of different benefits which are very important for your website, if you use Premium Theme on your website then you will get Adsense Approval very soon.

Also, your website starts to rank on Google very quickly, because the premium theme Light Speed, they are coded in the required code with good performance.

You will have a new page open, to confirm you, the details of the same template will be provided. You can confirm that this is the same theme.

1 – an icon of the template you are buying here will appear here, which will confirm that your template is right here.

2- In the second arrow sign, you will see the value of your template, how much money will be debited from your account when you buy it. This price can be in Indian rupees or in US dollars.

3 – Then at the bottom, you will be seeing check-out, by now, by direct, or by clicking the button, in that you have to click. Once you click, you will see a new page with the main payment.

Now you have to fill your data in it with the right meaning that whatever information you fill in it should be mainly yours only if there is some problem in future.

Then according to your email or some given data, you can be contacted or you can contact them by telling them your information, only then you will be able to help them.

Now what you will see on the new pay will be a check-out page in which you will see the name of your template at the top, then at the bottom, you have to fill in some important information.

how to buy a Theme / Payment Checkout

If you know how to fill it, then you should fill it and proceed, otherwise, you should follow the steps given by me and fill it which is as follows-how to buy a Theme Gumroad-Payment

1 – In this box, you have to enter your email id

2 – If you have some promotional code or coupon code in the second box here, then you put it here, otherwise you can leave it empty, it is not necessary to fill anything in it.

3 – Here the third arrow sign says that the debit card or credit card which is receiving the international payment is selected, which is the payment option you currently have,

On this checkout page, the payment facility has been provided in two ways, first, you can pay with your card or you can also pay through PayPal, which will be visible to the people on its right side.

4- Here you have to enter the number of your card, which is a minimum of 16 numbers.

5- With this, I will put the expiry date of your card, which will be the month in the beginning and the year after that.

6- In this box, you have to enter the name given on your card, if the name is not given on the card, then you can put your bank name in this place.

7- In this box, you have to enter the CV code because it is very important, you must enter it carefully, which is the backside of your card.

8- Then at the bottom, you have been told the details of your payment, you will be charged like this, you will be shown at the bottom, if you enter the coupon code then you will get some discount in it, otherwise this is your main Payment will remain.

Then you have to click on the Pay Now button as you click, then further processing will start here, if you are buying through a credit card, then your purchase will be done immediately.

And if you are purchasing with a debit card, then you will be asked for the OTP on another page, which will keep the OTP in the mobile number given in your bank. By putting it here, your payment process will be completed as soon as you confirm it.

Then you download the template from here, if your download page is not open then you check your email ID, you will have a new mail in it, you will get full details of your template as well as you from there. You can also download it.

9 – Then here if you do not want to pay by card and you have PayPal account then you can select PayPal payment gateway by clicking here.

As soon as you click on it, then a new page will open in your browser which will be of PayPal, then you have to pay by entering your PayPal’s login ID and password,

This PayPal account will also show you a complete summary of how much you are being charged, then as soon as you confirm, then it will take further payment process and then the purchase price of the template will be deducted from your bank account.

So in this process you must have understood how to buy templates, if you have any problem anywhere, then you can contact us, we will provide you more information.

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