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hostinger hosting knowledge – Hello friends, I am going to give you complete information about the hosting of the hosting website in this new post, so that you can understand and buy it’s hosting easily.

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The hosting provider keeps his website which is different for India and provides for each country separately for a different country, but what I am going to tell you will work for everyone. That is, they will have the ease of buying domains and hosting in any of these websites.

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Normally everyone buys their shared hosting only, so today I will help you in purchasing their shared hosting, and I will discuss these and other hosting in my upcoming new post,

hostinger hosting plan

hostinger hosting – This hosting sells three types of shared hosting in shared hosting which are single web hosting, premium web hosting and third business web hosting.

The single web hosting that is in it is good for the beginner, which you get at the chip rate, but it is only for one domain name, you cannot create any other website, only what will be made for you there. You will be able to create a website of your own.

If you are looking to get started and you are trying to learn, then only you buy this web hosting from your own website, otherwise, you will not buy this web hosting. That would be my advice, in the same premium web hosting and business web hosting, you will have 100 websites. Get to make

Here I am trying to tell you about some compression means of what you will get among the three, please read the information given by me carefully and bought the hosting.

You can see this image, so I have highlighted the main one which seems to be of better use, which you can understand by looking, which is the following.


Here you are shown the picture of all the three web hosting plans which is the shared hosting plan.

1 – The price is shown in it varies from time to time according to the offer, showing you ₹ 79 in a single web hosting and 179 in premium web hosting and ₹ 279 in business web hosting, currently, it currently offers. There is a plan, it keeps changing with new offers all the time.

2 – Second here you get the option to add to the cart in which you want to click on the hosting you want to take, then that hosting will be saved in your cart, then you can buy it by paying it.

3 – Now you have to see which web hosting plan you are getting how many websites to make, here I have highlighted that you will get only one website in a single web hosting plan, while the other premium and In business web hosting, you will get to create a hundred website.

This is according to the offer, which varies from time to time, but in a single web hosting plan, you will get to create only one website.

4 – You will find below that you have written Visit Month in which you have been told that how many visits to your website can come in 1 month i.e. in 1 month, this web hosting can handle that more visitors if more visitors come to your website. If there is more loading in their web server, due to which it will ask you to upgrade the web plan.

This is done differently for every web hosting, in it, you have been shown how many visitors can visit in 1 month in the three plans.

5 – After that, you have to check whether you are getting to create an email ID with your web hosting or not, you get to create an email ID in each hosting plan, you can get more than one email according to their plan ID can be created.

6 – After that SSL certificate that provides your website security, Chrome browser does not open a website without an SSL certificate because it considers a website without SSL to be spam.

So you have to see here whether you are getting an SSL certificate for free or not, nowadays every web hosting is providing an SSL certificate for free, then you should check the SSL certificate and buy web hosting.

hostinger free domain

7 – Then in the seventh number you are shown that you are told that you are getting the domain name free with web hosting or not, below the line with the SSL certificate.

Here you are not getting a domain name in single web hosting, same web hosting which is premium and business web hosting, in it you can buy many top-level domains from dot com domain for free with their web hosting. Huh.

8 – Now below that, you have been told about the bandwidth that with this hosting you will get the bandwidth to visit such a website, there should be no limit in the bandwidth. That is, the bandwidth should be unlimited.

You are getting only 100 GB bandwidth in its single web hosting, which is very much for a single website, you are getting unlimited web hosting bandwidth in their second and third plans, so you must check the bandwidth.

9 – Then you have been told that you will get WordPress or not, you can create your website here in WordPress, in this, you will get to install WordPress through SoftCloud in OneClick,

That is, they have managed WordPress in just one click, you will get the managed WordPress here in just a single click, so before taking the hosting, you must take information about whether you are getting WordPress or not.

10 – Then you have been told that if you do not like their services, then you can get your money back in refund within 30 days. This website will give you your refund if you want to get a refund from them within 30 days. You can make money, it will cancel your web hosting plan and will return your money to you.

Most of the time, all web hosting is providing a 30 day Money Back Guarantee, you can check here whether you are getting a Money Back Guarantee or not. It is very good that if you do not like their service, then it is good for you here.

11 – Then you should also check the database that how many databases you are getting there to make a single web hosting. Please check this as well.

12 – Now comes the inode which is very important because the more you get the inode you get, the more you will be able to upload files to their web server, otherwise there will be no use to create your website, so the notes are very important.

Here when you open all their features, you will see about the inode, in which you have been provided 300000 for single web hosting and 400000 for posting in premiere and six lakh inode for the same business web hosting,

So in every web hosting that you will buy, you must check that how many files are being provided to you for uploading the notes.

I have explained to you the important things that were very important to buy web hosting, if you buy web hosting after seeing all this, then it will be good for you, otherwise, you will buy web hosting without ignoring it. You may have to face trouble.

If you feel that you need to improve something else in this article, then you must tell us through the comments, we will update this article, the show is very useful here right now.

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